Curated Proposals

Assessing client’s needs and objectives taking into account the client’s profile and long-term value. Offering bespoke schedules with privileged access to art fairs, auction houses and art events.



Providing exclusive and confidential services.


Market Expertise

Our services rely on updated and ongoing market research.


Sourcing and Value

Sourcing and evaluating art works through a direct relationship with galleries in the primary and secondary market in order to obtain the best price and / or accurate value.



Negotiating the best prices; curating and following-up art work commissions; sourcing rare and specific art works.



Organising shipping, insurance, installation, protection (framing, encasing, restoration…) for your art work.


Tours and Studio Visits

Organising bespoke and high profile studio visits, art tours worldwide in private and public institutions with a direct contact with prominent cultural agents.